Graduate Student Alumni

Rebeca Bayeh (2020-2022). M.A. research program. Now in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Fordham University (NYC). 

Yue Zhao (2010-2017). Ph.D. research and clinical program, co-supervision with N. Segalowitz. Now in private practice. 

Marina Doucerain (2009-2015). Defended on September 1st, 2015. Graduated from the special individualized doctorate program in September 2015. Now assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. 

Biru Zhou (2009-2014). Defended on September 9th, 2014. Graduated from the Research Program in November, 2014. Now a research centre co-director at McGill University. 

Tonje Persson (2010-2014). Ph.D. research and clinical program, co-supervision with J. Pfaus. Now in private practice. 

Tomas Jurcik (2008-2014). Defended on December 9th, 2013. Graduated from the Research and Clinical Program in November, 2014. Now assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the Moscow Higher School of Economics. 

Jessica Dere (2006-2012). Defended on November 16th, 2011. Graduated from the Research and Clinical Program in November, 2012. Now assistant professor—teaching stream in the Department of Psychology at University of Toronto Scarborough. 

Angela J. Ring (2005-2010). Defended on January 11th, 2010. Graduated from the Research and Clinical Program in June, 2010. Now in private practice. 

Lab Alumni

Kristina Ceus (2020-2021). The Effects of Discrimination on Psychological Distress Among Black University Students.

Thomas Djossou (2020-2021). Cognitive Flexibility and Cultural Identity: Exploring the Relationship between Set-Shifting and Multicultural Identity. Specialization thesis.

Myriam Israel (2020-2021). Lay classifications of emotion-based symptoms in internalizing disorders among a North American and East Asian-born sample. Honours thesis.

Julie Quadrio (2020-2021). Multicultural Assessment of Participation and Identity Domains: Measuring Acculturation in Multicultural Contexts. Directed readings / directed research.

Hanna Tsapyk. (2021). Linguistically and Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy:  Evaluation an Approach to Assessment and Treatment. 

Yinan Yu (2020-2021). The Cultural Meaning of Externally Oriented Thinking in a Chinese Psychiatric Sample. [Coding and Translation]

Yelena Kalashnikova (2019-2020). Acculturation, identity harmony, and cultural conflict resolution. Honours thesis.

Lisa Stora (2019-2020). Validation of the Acculturation Identity Matrix. Specialization thesis.

Sonora Kogo (2019-2020). A cross-cultural comparison of cultural products: The portrayal of depression in Japanese and Canadian newspapers. Directed readings / directed research.

Sarah Benkirane (2017-2018). Culture, mind and biology: Examining heart rate variability associated with acculturation in Maghreb immigrants. Honours thesis.

Katrina Manouilenko (2017-2018). Cultural differences in response to sadness. Specialization thesis.

Anna Medvetskaya (2017-2018). Cultural identities of Russian-speaking immigrants within the context of daily life. Honours thesis.

Emma Rucco (2016-2017). Towards the validation of the Egorrhea Symptom Scale (ESS) in Euro-Canadians. Honours thesis.

Noor Mady (2016-2017). Validation of the Identity Structure Analysis-Acculturation Scale (ISA-AS). Honours thesis.

Diana Moldoveanu (2016-2017). Exploring emotional acculturation in Russian-speaking Montrealers. Specialization thesis.

Mary Harasym (2015-2016). Multicultural individuals’ conflicts, wellbeing, and the Behavioural Inhibition System: A mixed-methods approach. Specialization thesis.

Julia Sucapane (2015-2016). What’s the psychologist saying? Semantic differentiation of negative emotion words in L1 versus L2 speakers. Specialization thesis. Co-supervision with N. Segalowitz. 

Stephanie Houle-Johnson (2014, Summer). Resisting the medicalization of human suffering: Moral injury and meaning maintenance in traumatized refugee and immigrant populations. Directed readings. Co-supervision with N. Segalowitz. 

Tara Lutchman (2014-2015). The role of sexual identity centrality in non-monosexual women’s mental health. Honours thesis. Co-supervision with J. Pfaus.

Stanislav Pak (2014-2015). Validation of the ISA-AS as a well-being and acculturation measurement tool. Honours thesis.

Pauline Park (2014-2015). A cross-cultural study of depressive symptoms comparing Koreans and Euro-Canadians. Specialization thesis.

Ksenia Sukhanova (2014-2015). Cultural models of friendship: A Canada-Russia study. Honours thesis.

Mariana Neibert (2013-2014). The structure of rumination and its relation to depression in the Chinese context. Honours thesis.

Sarah Saïd (2013-2014). Unraveling ethnic density effects, Acculturation, and adjustment in a visible minority immigrant community sample. Specialization thesis.

Rahelei Shiri (2013-2014). Structure of immigrants’ social networks: Implications for acculturation and stress. Honours thesis. Co-supervision with N. Segalowitz.

Lindsay Chuprun (2012-2013). A cross-cultural study of the fear of causing discomfort to others: Testing self-construal as a mediator. Honours thesis.

Esther Yakobov (2012-2013). Acculturation and expectations: Unpacking adjustment mechanisms within the Russian-speaking community in Montreal. Honours thesis.

Rana Ahmed (2010-2011). Does adult attachment mediate acculturation-adjustment association in visible minorities? Honours thesis.

Andrea McCarthy (2010-2011). Language competency and bicultural identity integration as predictors of bicultural adjustment. Honours thesis.

K.-W. Suen (2010-2011). The Influence of Self-Concept and Cultural Values on Social Anxiety and Taijin Kyofusho. Honours thesis.

Alexandre Guinovker (2009-2010). Structure of alexithymia in Korean and Canadian samples. Honours thesis.

Catherine Malboeuf-Hurtubise (2009-2010). Culture and smoking. Honours thesis.

Samantha Hofman (2009-2010). Honours thesis. Personality traits and meaning of life. Honours thesis.

R. Ajlani (2008, Fall). Psychological motivations for religious terrorism. Directed readings.

Catherine Malbouef-Hurtubise (2009, Summer). Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and resilience in children of war and child soldiers. Directed readings.

Naveed Sheikh (2008-2009). Second language proficiency attainment: a study of two measures of social engagement with the target language community as predictors of bilingual skill. Honours thesis.

Tarek Younis (2008-2009). The acculturation of immigrant minorities in Montreal: Further validation of the culture-DRM. Honours thesis.

Dikla Amar (2007-2008). Religious approaches and tolerance. Honours thesis.

Katie Lavigne (2007-2008). Multi-faceted schizotypal personality: Different predictions regarding latent inhibition. Honours thesis.

Natacha Pennycooke (2007-2008). The relation between acculturation and adjustment as a function of perceived discrimination in visible minorities. Specialization thesis.

Tonje Persson (2007-2008). Etiological beliefs about depression: How are they shaped by acculturation? Honours thesis.

Gabrielle Roddy (2008, Winter). Temperament theory or just temperamental? The theoretical underpinnings of personality based on the TEMPS autoquestionnaire. Directed readings.

Naveed Sheikh (2007-2008). Second language networking: Effect on language skill consolidation in high level bilinguals. 311 project.

Zheni Wang (2007-2008). Acculturation and adaptation. Honours thesis.

Amélie Beaupré (2006-2007). Language and culture and French- and English-Canadian communities: Introducing the Montréal Inventory of Linguistic Integration. Honours thesis.

Simon Chicoine (2006-2007). Vulnerable narcissism in the Depressive Personality Disorder. Directed research.

Sima Gandhi (2006, Fall). The influence of acculturation and intergenerational conflict on identity formation and self-concept in Asian-American youth. Directed readings.

Mariana Jacubovich (2006-2007). A new approach to measuring acculturation in context: A cultural adaptation of the Day Reconstruction Method. Honours thesis.

Natacha Pennycooke (2006-2007). The effects of acculturation on interethnic dating attitudes of Chinese and Arabic students. 311 project.

Shona Tritt (2006-2007). Mortality salience and implicit cultural worldview defense. 311 project.

Zheni Wang (2006-2007). Cross-cultural analysis of human sociosexuality and values. 311 project.

Yue Zhao (2006-2007). Sociosexuality and value priorities: An examination of human mating strategies in relation to value orientations. Honours thesis.

Dikla Amar (2006, Winter). Returning to the question: The journey of ultra-orthodox Jews who disengage from the religious world. Directed readings.

Crystal James (2005-2006). Implicit maintenance of cultural meaning systems in the face of existential threat. Honours thesis.

M. Masse (2006, Summer). Creativity: Processes, mechanisms, and connection to mental illness. Directed readings.

Irene Vitoroulis (2005-2006). Cross-cultural differences in shyness: Fear of negative evaluation or fear of causing discomfort to others? Specialization thesis.

Crystal James (2005, Winter). From bad, to good, to better: Past biracial identity development models and support for a new multidimensional approach. Directed readings.