How does cultural context shape the experience of suffering? What are the psychological challenges and opportunities posed by multicultural diversity? How can we infuse clinical interventions with a cultural perspective–and does doing so make a difference?

These are the kinds of questions addressed by cultural-clinical psychology.

The Culture, Health, and Personality Lab is dedicated to developing and promoting cultural-clinical psychology through research, training, and the dissemination of knowledge in collaboration with local and international networks.

We conduct research on the ways in which cultural and individual variation combine to shape health outcomes. Our work follows a mixed methods philosophy covering a range of specific approaches, aiming to balance (a) quantitative research with qualitative inquiry, (b) knowledge-building with clinical and societal impact, (c) conceptual reflection with ethical concern. Our investigations focus on five interrelated domains:

  1. The cross-cultural experience and expression of emotional disorders;
  2. The acculturation trajectories of migrants to Montreal and their implications for well-being;
  3. Linguistic and cultural barriers to effective mental health care;
  4. The development and evaluation of transcultural, transdiagnostic, and evidence-based interventions;
  5. The conceptual and methodological foundations of Cultural-Clinical Psychology;

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